Tesla most commonly refers to:

  • Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), electrical engineer and inventor
  • Tesla (unit), a unit of magnetic flux density
  • Tesla, Inc., American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer named after Nikola Tesla and based in Palo Alto, California

Tesla may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • Tesla (band), an American hard rock band
  • Tesla (film), a 2016 American documentary film by David Grubin
  • Tesla - Lightning in His Hand, an opera by Constantine Koukias
  • ""Tesla"", a 2013 song by They Might Be Giants from Nanobots
  • Tesla Lindocruz, a subordinate of Nnoitra Gilga in Bleach
  • Tesla Strong, daughter of DC Comics character Tom Strong

Businesses and organizations

  • Nikola Tesla Museum, The Nikola Tesla Museum is scientific and cultural institution which is unique in preserving the original and personal documents of Nikola Tesla.
  • Tesla (Czechoslovak company), a former state-owned electrical/technical conglomerate in the former Czechoslovakia
  • Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing, a New Jersey company in business 1884–1886
  • Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, a proposed science museum in New York
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla, a Croatian company


  • Tesla River, Romania
  • Tesla, a former coal mining town in Corral Hollow, California, US
  • Tesla Fault, a seismically active geological formation in the Livermore Valley, California, US
  • Tesla, West Virginia

In space

  • Tesla (crater), a lunar crater
  • 2244 Tesla, an asteroid discovered in 1952

Science and technology

  • Tesla (microarchitecture), a microarchitecture developed by Nvidia
  • Nvidia Tesla, a brand name for GPGPU cards
  • Teraelectronvolt Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator, a proposed project, now merged into the International Linear Collider project

See also

  • Nikola Tesla (disambiguation)
  • List of things named after Nikola Tesla
  • Tesla coil, a type of resonant transformer circuit used to produce high-voltage high-frequency electricity
  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, a game in the Tex Murphy series
  • ""Tesla Girls"", a song by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
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Note: All data is collected from DVLA MOT data, which only goes back approximately 15 years.

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